How to study languages and never get bored

Study by talking to your favorite characters

Topolingua allows you to learn languages by having fun conversations. Talk to AI assistants that sound very similar to your favorite characters. They don’t just have similar voices - they also talk in a similar style. Save unknown words and review them.

How it works

Communicate with AI as a teacher

  • Topolingua Process
  • Choose the language you want to study

    Topolingua supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Choose your native language to get translations.

  • Talk to assistants

    You can talk to the AI language learning assistants and your favorite characters. The voice models are trained to sound similar to the original characters. They are also trained to talk in the same manner.

  • Save words to the dictionary and review

    When you come across an unfamiliar word, you can save it simply by highlighting it. You’ll see the translation and the context. The word will also be saved to your dictionary - so you can review it later.






Voice Characters

How to use Topolingua

Increase the efficiency of Topolingua by using it right

Forget about embarrassment

When you learn a foreign language,e it takes a while to gain the courage to speak it with native speakers. If you are not quite there yet, you can get the confidence by talking to Topolingua characters first.

Get a language-speaking partner

Not all of us are lucky to have a fellow language-learning partner. Topolingua gives you that feeling. You can take control over your conversation practice even if you don’t have anyone to speak to in a foreign language in real life.

Get really good really quickly

Language speaking is a skill that you can best learn by doing. No matter how much exposure you get, you can only reach your full potential if you are using the language. There’s no better way to do it than by actually practicing conversation.

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